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Our Activities


Saplings Distribution

To distribute free saplings to schools colleges and also public peoples to make our world green



To plant the saplings at schools colleges Govt private places road side areas and village places


Blood Donation

To give 24x7 emergency blood and platelets and organ donation for hospital blood banks and To conduct the blood bank camps at colleges and other public places for need time


Annam Pakirvom

Provide the foods to Ashrams and Old Age Home and provide the foods for public peoples and public places in festival and occasional days and Collect excess of food from function at distribute to needy peoples


Education Support

Helping Students in financial mentor ship Tuition educational expenditure and requirement to improve their self confidence and quality of education for the future and Undertake construction maintenance renovate repair modernize and improve of any school or college of educational institution


Environmental Support

To clean and developed public places and other memorable public places with our guidance and keep street dust bin for need areas for to avoid environmental aspects items to bring


Medical Support

To render financial assistance to deserving poor for medical treatment and subsidies cost of health care and medication to the poor persons


Awareness Program

To conduct the first aid traffic awareness programs at Education institutions and also public places and conduct the medical awareness programs for students and public peoples with respective teams


Helping Hands

To grant donations to any public charitable institutions and motivate and develop tribal peoples for making employment


Skill Development Programs

To conduct the speech letter writing drawings events in Education institutions and conduct the sports events and other dance events for Education institutions in public places


Public Support

To spend money relating to poverty alleviation providing free medical care education food and sanitation to village and arrange for distribution of drinking water to aid villages and public at large


Carrier Developmrnt

To select the other NGO based on the performance to this society and also honor for his achievements and conduct tournaments events and providing medals certificates awards and also cash price